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New Roof Installation in St. Petersburg, FL

Your home or business isn’t complete without a sturdy roof overhead. Because of the heat and humidity of Florida, a durable roof is essential. If you know your roof is less than perfect, now is the time to do something about it. Protect your home or building with roof installation in St. Petersburg, FL.

At Bayside Roofing Pros, we begin the process by inspecting your roof to determine its condition. If we discover a minor issue, a repair might be enough to correct it. However, if the damage is extensive, we’ll install a new roof. Count on us to do what’s needed to fix the problem. We have competitive pricing and provide guarantees on all installations.

Licensed & Bonded

Your Choice for a Local Roof Installation Contractor

Just one call to our roofing company will provide the licensed and insured contractor you need. With more than 30 years of experience providing roofing services, we have the skill set necessary to install all types of roofing. Each service is done based on the condition of the roof. Because we’re local, you can remain in contact with us to discuss your needs and to address any concerns.

New Roof Installation for Lasting Protection

Maintain the structural integrity of your home or business by investing in a new roof. We follow a multistep process to ensure your roof is built to last. To start, we bring all of the equipment and materials we need for the project. Then, we prepare the site by covering your lawn and shrubs to protect them from any debris.

Next, we tear off the existing roofing and install the new one. Pipe collar and ridge vent installation are also performed, depending on whether your structure has them. Roof installation can include replacement of flashing around one or more skylights if applicable.