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Tile Roofing Contractor in St. Petersburg

Choose a tile roofing contractor in St. Petersburg with the training and experience needed for this specialized material. Spanish tile is a sought-after roofing style for prestigious homes in Florida. Before you invest in this type of roof, call Bayside Roofing Pros for a custom roofing estimate. 

Tile adds value and prestige to your home, so it makes sense to choose a group that takes the time to get this right. Our contractors use only the best tiles for any roof installation project we lead. Our selection of tile is geared towards delivering a roof that protects you when it matters. When you call us in the aftermath of a storm, we’ll work to ensure your roof looks better than the day you bought the home.

Reliable Tile Roofing Repair

When we take on a repair project, we use a particular method to prevent additional damage. We’ll cut the nails whenever needed or remove all of the adjacent tiles to ensure the repair is done correctly. The tile is gently unhooked from the furring strip to avoid chipping and shattering. 

While many may view this as a wasted effort, we understand that even a slight misalignment can take away from the overall look of your home. The roof contractor we send to your home will work until your structure looks as good as new.

Restorative Tile Roofing Repair

If you want tile roofing repair done right, you need to rely on professionals like those at our company. We follow a particular method, when possible, to ensure the most favorable results. For tiles with nibs that are nailed into place, we cut the nails. Some tile roofing features tiles that interlock. For this type of roofing, we lift up tiles next to and above each damaged tile so that we can easily remove them. We actually lift them out of place by unhooking them from what's called the furring strip. Then, we carefully position each new piece of tile and hook their nib over the furring strip.

We complete the process by making sure that each replacement tile is flush with the tiles around it. Each tile roofing service we perform features this type of attention to detail. Improperly positioned tiles will take away from the appearance of the roof, and they could be blown out of place by wind.

Wind Mitigation Inspections with New Roof

Optimum Results from a Skilled Tile Roofing Contractor

Perhaps more than any other type of roofing, you need an experienced tile roofing contractor to do installation, repairs, and replacement. Clumsy handling of tiles could result in damage that increases the cost of your tile roofing service. We know the importance of treating tile with a gentle hand during removal and replacement. This is how we prevent accidental breakage and make sure that a uniform appearance is achieved. For custom roofing estimates, call us today at (727) 723-7663.

Contact our tile roof company for services that restore the beauty and durability of your roof. We proudly serve Tampa, Palm Harbor, Holiday, New Port Richey, Trinity, Florida, and the surrounding areas.